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    Volunteering Activities 



    Every year, the Chuncheon Arts Festival recruits volunteers to work with them.

    Volunteers who are interested in the performing arts join the Festival to which everyone gives something. And they become the proud members of the Festival. 

    Stage Technology Workshop 



    Taking place during the Chuncheon Arts Festival, the Stage Technology Workshop is a hands-on learning program helping its participants experience the entire process from preparation to the actual performance.

    Participants of the workshop complete the Festival with professionals who are currently working on stages, lighting and sound.

    To novices who dream of working in the performing arts scene, the workshop is an opportunity to experience the real stage work. To professionals, it is an occasion to retrain and share their skills. In this way, it has become one of the Festival’s major programs.

    Audience Club



    Led by Ten Spoons, the audience club is a group of people who enjoy, think, interact,

    and share performances comparable to bowls filled with ten spoons of rice.


    Anyone who is curious about, is imterested in the performance, or wnats to actively 

    watch the performances and experience criticism can participate. The audience club

    will watch all the performances of the festival together and attend the programs

    which will help you feel the value and special impression of the performing arts. The

    programs include lectures on how to appreciate the performance, movement

    workshops, conversations with artists, and joint evaluation meetings.

    Staff Needed



    The Festival looks forward to the participation of professionals specializing in different areas of the performing arts: planning, promotion, marketing, stage technology (i.e. sound, stage and lighting).

    At the Festival, you can share your own artistic experience, know-how and skillfulness to the fullest, through the exchange of the arts and culture in the beautiful city of Chuncheon.

     Categories of Recruitment

    • - Promotion

      - Operation

      - House management

      - Stage Technology: stage director, lighting director, sound director, scenic designer, stage       producer, etc.

    How to Apply

    • Email us at ccaf@hanmail.net




    ‘Ten spoons of rice fills a bowl(십시일반)’
    This Korean saying motivated us to launch the festival and it is also what we dream of.
    Chuncheon Arts Festival was launched as a donation-based festival to which planners, artists and staff members donated their time, talent and works. You, the audience of our performances, can add the last spoon of rice to the bowl.
    The festival started as the Chuncheon Dance Festival in 2002. Based on the festival’s conviction the corporate body Ten Spoons was officially founded in an attempt to share good things through the arts.
    Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021, the Chuncheon Arts Festival expanded its finance and size with its new name. With a new goal of developing into one of Korea’s representative performing arts festivals, it is renewing its determination for another two decades.
    In this way, the festival is prepared with everyone’s heartfelt contribution, So the more our participants, the bigger our sharing. Thanks to many of you who share the dreams of Chuncheon Arts Festival, it will further strengthen its roots while also enriching its fruits for the audience and providing them with better shade.

    Name of Bank NONGHYUP BANK
    Address of Bank 120, TONGILRO,JUNG-GU,SEOUL,KOREA
    Account No.  301-0256-6062-11
    Account holder's Name  Ten Spoons Association, Inc.
    Account holder's contact no.  +82 33 251 0545

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