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    Open Call

    Festival Name 

    2024 Chuncheon Arts Festival

     Period of the Open Call 

    Until 23:59 on April 21th.

    Festival Period 

    August 6th - 10th

    Festival Venue

    Chuncheon City’s major performance venues

    (e.g. Festival Theater Momzit and Chuncheon Seongam Church and Dam Library)

    How to apply

    Fill application form → Send e-mail to "ccaf@hanmail.net"

    (Performance video link or file must be attached)

    ※ Please write "[application]" on subject of e-mail

    ※ File name: [application]categories_name of group(or artist).hwp

    Common Support for Artists 

    invitation fee, space rental (including the cost for space rental and use of additional facilities), technical staff for the stage, house staff, promotion/management and ticketing), promotion and marketing activities integrated into the festival as well as photos of invited performances. 

    ※ The invitation fee depends on the genre and size of each performance and it is confirmed following a discussion with the artist.

    ※ The Festival is currently unable to provide food and accommodation.

    Categories and Criteria of Performances Eligible for the Open Call

    Basic Criteria

    • Performances that can be presented online and posted on YouTube (with agreements for portrait rights, copyright, broadcasting rights and public transmission rights)


    • - No limit to genres (e.g. dance, music, theater, theater for children, media and crossover)

    • - Creative performance pursuing artistic quality

    • (single performance or double bill)


    New performance

    (work in progress to be premiered at the 2022 Chuncheon Arts Festival)


    • Existing performance to be developed further

    Arts Lab

    • Artists or companies who are currently creating works actively or who can prove their activities. They are eligible for the open call if they are planning to carry out research and workshops for the creation of their new works. Their works may be choreographed or produced jointly.

    Major Programs


    • - All genres ranging from traditional (classical) ones to contemporary ones
    • - Performances epitomizing artistry and contemporariness 
    • - Works that deal with the issues and themes of the year to reflect contemporary people’s life, thoughts and culture


    - This program is for artists who are willing to further develop their existing performance to reach perfection.

       It supports them with the production cost, space rental and creation staff (if necessary)


    - Limited to premieres, this practical program helps artists produce high-quality performance videos, find opportunities to promote and restage their performances, create new works and actively distribute future performances.

    Arts Lab

    - Coming before “Finder,” this program supports artists’ research and workshops from their initial phase of         planning.

    - If necessary, the program forms a design team (in charge of the stage, lighting and costume). To check the       results of the workshops, it invites producers to give presentations on their work in progress.

    - The program also offers opportunities to present performances as part of the following year’s “Finder.”

    Home Delivery

    In the context of social distancing, the 2020 Festival met the audience by producing performance videos and sharing them online.

    Considering the increasing needs for archiving and videos, the Festival will continue its online sharing service even if things get better. 

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