Through September 13th
Bangsan: White Porcelain Exhibit
Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Bangsan Porcelain Museum, this exhibit presents the dynamic works of the traditional white porcelain of the Joseon Dynasty. The ceramics, made by 5 artists using the well-known Bangsan clay, merge the originality of the 600-year-old history of Korean white porcelain with a creative twist. Bangsan Porcelain Museum in Bangsan-myun Jangpyung-li. 9 am ­ 6 pm. Closed Mondays., 033-480-2664

Theater & Dance

August 11th ­ 16th
Puppet Festival Chuncheon 2009
The international puppet festival offers numerous puppet performances from Korean troupes as well as troupes from abroad. It also includes interesting street, armature, and festival shows of different genres ranging from magic, outdoor play, to music concerts. Some are free of charge and the others vary by performance. With the main venue in Chuncheon Puppet Theater, the locations include. Chuncheon Puppet Theater Zone, Youklim Land, Chunceon Culture & Art Center, Bomnae Theatre, Brown 5thAvenue, and GS Mart., 033-242-8450.


August 11th ­ 15th
Korean Music Festival in Sokcho
Korean pop at its best will be on display with Girls Generation, 2AM, Koyote, Chayeon, FT Island, Park Hyun-Bin, Rumblefish and many others performing. While the first and the last days are organized as TV broadcasts, the 12th will be the folk and ballad night, the 13th, the trot and idol stars special stage night, and the 14th, the rock & big star night. Chungcho-ho Park in Sokcho. 8 ­ 10 pm.,


August 1st – 9th
Mt. Taebaek Cool Cinema Festival
Features film showings including Slumdog Millionaire, Terminator 4, Speed Couple, Secret Couple, and Castaway on the Moon shown in a drive-in theater. Also includes cultural performances, accompanying exhibitions, and festivals such as a water festival, creating magic bubbles and making fossils, engraving sand, golf putting, and constellation viewing. Mt. Taebaek Provincial Park and O2 Resorts in Sokcho. W2,000 per adult, W1,000 per child., 033-550-2081

Family & Community

Through August 1st
Korean Game Culture Festival
The festival features game movie showings and ‘UCC’ video clips and game intro video clips events in which participants over 18 can produce, edit, or utilize the innovative game video streams. Sokcho Beach. Free admission.,

Samcheok Jangho Fishing Village Festival
Offers exciting programs that let you feel the sea including rafting, snorkeling, riding a duck boat, and fishing and other contests like “drawing the fishing village” contest. There will also be a summer music festival and a photo exhibition that opens every night. Jangho Fishing Village., 010-9949-4204

Through August 3rd
Chuncheon Arts Festival

The workshop is divided into five different parts: stage production, stage arts, lighting, music, performance director, working in coordination to create a festive learning spot in arts production. There are fun accompanying events as well such as music concerts in the evenings around 8 pm outside of the Childrens’ Hall. Chuncheon Children’s Hall., 033-251-0545

Through August 4th
2009 Yeongwol Donggang Festival
Enjoy camping, waterside excursions and fishing. There will be Korean instrumental concerts, a Seoul Pops Orchestra performance and concerts for teenagers. The mullet-catching pool is always popular, where you attempt to catch small fish with nothing but your bare hands. Take a look around the novel foods marketplace. Donggang Beach in Yeongwol-eup. Main events begin at 8 pm. Free admission., 033-370-2542

Through August 9th
Gohan Mt. Hambaek Wild Flower Festival
The vibrant colors and interesting shapes of the wild flowers, and the cool summery breeze of 20 degrees celsius, the Wild Flower Festival may help blow the heat away. Gohan-eup Mt. Hambaek in and out of Samtan main building., 033-592-5455

August 1st – 16th
2009 Hwacheon Jjokbae Camp Festival
This raft-making competition and water-sports festival supplies the materials and a designated building spot so you can make a raft that will fight in the Jjokbae contest using only human power. Rules are your raft must a) carry more than one person and b) sail without the use of a motor. The use of a theme and costumes is encouraged. First place takes home W5 mil., second W3 mil., and third W2 mil.. Hwacheon Living Gymnastics Park and around Boong-a Island. Register at, 1688-3005

August 1st – 31st
Sunflower Festival
Mt. Taebaek is turning all golden yellow with beautiful sunflowers – wander around the forests full of sunflowers and over 300 types of wildflowers. Taebaek Guwawoo., 033-553-9707

August 8th – 9th
Beach Volley Ball Contest
Mangsan shows off its glittering white sand beach by hosting a huge volleyball tournament. This year, the beach volleyball contest has expanded to include not just women’s team but men’s and mixed teams. You can sign up for the contest by downloading the application in the website provided. Mangsang Beach Sports Arena. Free., 042-606-6282

August 21st – 23rd
The 1st Asia-Pacific Marching Bands Championship Wonju 2009
Wonju city is hosting the 1st Asia-Pacific Marching Bands Championship 2009. Music lovers can come and listen to the bands and feel the oneness through the music. Wonju Tatto Stadium in Myungryun-dong., 033-763-5981

August 27th – September 2nd
Mugunghwa Festival
The Korean Mugunghwa (an indigenous hibiscus) is celebrated at this festival which includes literary arts events, traditional folk games, and athletic contests. HongCheon Gymnasium, Cultural Arts Center, Mugunghwa Street, Mugunghwa Park., 033-435-4350

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