Free to all – Chuncheon art festival  
  Date: July 24, 2008  

It’s rare that stage performers, planners and staff gather together to put up a show, all for free. But this is exactly what is happening at the Chuncheon Arts Festival in Chuncheon city,  Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province) from July 30 to Aug. 3 — people on- and off-stage are donating their time and talents free of charge.  

The five-day festival will be divided largely into music, dance and an open space festival club. Opening day on Jul. 30 will kick off at 7 p.m. with the official orchestra of Gangwon-do performing traditional music in the open field of Children’s Hall at Chuncheon, together with a “Binnari” prayer dance. “Sari-dong dong Geomi-dong dong” is a concert that alternates between storytelling and singing with amusing movements and encourages audience participation.

The next day there will be a musical performance by the Kang Heo-rim Band, Number One Korea Band Pakchieum, percussionists and others. The following is classified into various dance performances and scheduled to feature An Sung-soo Pickup Group, Lee K. Dance, MOM Company, the Body and others.

Those mad about dancing should visit wait till Aug. 2nd. The day, set to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Korean writer Kim Yoo-jung (1908-1937), will set up stages with the motif of camellia flowers. The author Kim is especially noted for his short story “Camellia.” In “Encounter 2008,” traditional dancers will collaborate with modern dancers to show movements that transcend genres. For this, several Korean dance masters with the label of “intangible cultural property” and other big-name contemporary dancers from at home and abroad will be there.

In the evening, other music performances are ready to heat up the night with DJs and musicians from various Hongdae Clubs in Seoul. The whole session will be wrapped up with a farewell party.

Also at the festival, off the main stage, are workshops and culture experience events for young children to learn stage techniques and other details of performing arts. Except for camps and workshops, all the performances from beginning to end are all free of charge to visitors.

For more information visit Chuncheon Arts Festival (Korean only) or call 033-251-0545. (English Travel Phone (1330) provided by the Korea Tourism Organization is recommended for interpretation into English, Japanese and Chinese.)  

Transportation: Take a train to Namchuncheon Station (Gangwon-do), take a cab and ask the driver to take you to Children’s Hall at Chuncheon city (Chuncheon Eo-rin-ee Hwoegwan), which is just a 5-minute ride.  

By Kim Hee-sung staff writer

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